This site and all artworks and designs are created by the author Tania Sirin.  

Tania is an artist and designer with diploma in Architecture. Currently they work in stage design and visual arts. Also they make personal & commissioned projects in artistic photography and illustration.

Artist's creative interests and methods lie in the themes of mystery, fairytales, magic and supernatural. Every of their artworks have a personal idea expressed in unique chosen media, such as fine arts, theatre or space setting, surreal photography and videography. 

Please respect copyrights. I do not give permission to any change of my original works. If you want to use my existing work in your business (even noncommercial) you must contact me. If you repost any of my work in public groups you must credit me giving a link to this site or my name. It's forbidden to use any of my work as stock images on other websites. Any reproduction of my works needs my expressed permission.




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